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I’m Linh Luu.


 I’ll be your tour guide.  Let me tell you a little about myself: I have lived inCalistoga for 25 years.  I speak English, Vietnamese and Cantonese. My parents ran a winery, and I started cutting grapes in 1988. I learned about winemaking from my parents and many friends who make wine. If there are any questions about winemaking that I can’t answer, I can take you to someone who can. Because of these friends I can be of great assistance to you in deciding where, when and how to buy investment wines, if you’re interested. As a local wine collector, I also have fine wines for sale. But the best part is that I can take the aspiring winemaker on an informal tour of a private winery that makes about 5 barrels where the guest can chat with a winemaker happy to have him tour his vineyards, and sometimes even participate in bottling.


I’ve been doing fun and friendly private wine tours for ten years. I think I know what people are looking for in a small personal wine tour. My style is casual and easy-going.  (I don’t even feel comfortable in a Limo.)My group size is 4 people, leaving cargo space for your wine purchases and mementoes. You’ll have air-conditioning as you enjoy your front to back seating for back support on winding roads rather than being tossed side-to-side in a Limo and leg room to play footsies with your girlfriend rather than a drunken stranger. The most important thing to me is that you have a great day wine-tasting, and I know that day must include good food, fine wine, beautiful wineries and a tour guide that puts you at ease.


The Wine Tour (100.00each)begins in Calistoga with parking provided, or hotel pick-up provided in my air-conditioned 2012 Mazda van. One great thing about a small tour is flexibility.  Speaking of flexibility… I am a certified massage therapist with 16 years’ experience. I offer a 1 r.  Spa-Tastic Massagebefore, or after the tour that can focus on  body massage, foot or scalp massage depending on your needs, if you choose the Massage & Wine Tour Package for: 150.00 Showering facilities provided.


 You decide which three wineries you’d like to visit, or I can recommend some based on your interests. The wineries to choose from can be either in Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, or both.  For example, you could choose Robert Mondavi, Paradise, Kendall Jackson,or Benziger, Stags Leap, Close Pegase. If you want to go to just one, or divide your day between two favorites--- No Worries!   You’ll appreciate not being stuck on a wine trolley or crammed into a Limo with drunken and obnoxious strangers for 6 hours moving along at someone else’s pace. Go where you want, when you want; spend more time at one and less time at another winery. It’s up to you. At the third Winery, I provide for your enjoyment a sandwich and cheese plate, along with a non-alcoholic beverage. Remember, some of these wineries are located along many winding roads, and after a few glasses of wine, it’s nice to have a sobering meal and a driver who can tailor the speed to your level of comfort.


On the way back to your hotel, or the Calistoga starting point, I can point out good hiking trails if you’re interested in doing some hiking. If you’re interested in a hiking and museum tour, touring Yosemite, or The Gold Country, or winery and casino tour, let me hear about it…


Through the Grapevine Winee Tours and More


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Linh Luu


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